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Male Pattern Baldness Can Impact Emotional Well Being

The cause of male pattern baldness was a mystery for years. The old method of dealing with a receding hairline and bald spot on the crown of the head for some men was to use some sort of synthetic hair piece or hair weave that had to be adjusted every four to six weeks. Other men went through the painful process of transplanting hair from the back of the head to the front to fill in the bald spots around the front hairline. That did help, but it was expensive and time consuming. When Procerin was introduced to the hair loss market, men could finally get their own hair to grow without spending a lot of money and enduring a considerable amount of pain. The cause of male pattern baldness has been identified, and it is genetic, but there are other factors that cause excessive hair loss as well. The hair growth cycle can be a finicky as well as a sensitive system. Hair loss is normal in the cycle, but a genetic trigger can create excessive hair loss at any time. Procerin is formulated to prevent extraordinary hair loss as well as stimulate hair follicles so they return to the normal growth cycle.

Does Procerin Change Genetics?

Procerin is formulated to interact with the enzymes that produce the type of testosterone that causes hair follicles to prematurely go into the dormant state of the hair growth cycle. Procerin doesn't change the genetic code; it helps block dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is formed when testosterone is converted by the enzyme 5 Alpha-Reductase (5AR). This natural enzyme attaches itself to the androgen receptors in the scalp, but when DHT production is blocked by the chemical compounds in Procerin, hair follicles can grow hair and return to the normal growth cycle.

What Kind Of Chemicals Are In Procerin?

The chemicals in Procerin are by-products of the herbs, minerals, and vitamins in the formula, and they are added in just the right amounts. Those natural ingredients are: Saw Palmetto, Zinc Sulfate, Eleuthero Root, Magnesium, Vitamin B-6, Pumpkin Seed Meal, Gotu Kola, Muira Puma Root, and Nettles. The secretion of 5AR changes when these chemicals enter the bloodstream so less testosterone is converted to DHT, which is the main culprit in male pattern baldness. When men between the ages of 18 and 35 use Procerin twice a day for six weeks they begin to see hair growth, and it continues in the areas that are considered prime androgen alopecia areas. There are no side effects when Procerin is used regularly, and the unconditional money back guarantee gives men the peace of mind they need as the chemicals interact with the enzyme that alters the hair growth cycle. The two step Procerin process also gives men the opportunity to clean the follicles on top of the scalp while the tablets work on the DHT in the bloodstream. That combination helps follicles grow hair again, plus the hair that returns is thicker. More information about DHT, 5AR, and the ingredients in Procerin is available here:

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